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One of AVFx greatest strengths is our engineering team and their expertise in design development. We incorporate the goals and requirements needed for each individual space and take into consideration the shape and size of your facilities. By exploring options, we develop an approach to achieve your desired audio-visual systems environment. Involving the AVFx design team early in the process ensures that your AV system will integrate properly within the design space and may save thousands of dollars in construction change orders. System design and engineering is a critical beginning step in the success of your audio-visual implementation. All aspects are considered: technical, architectural, environmental, budgetary, workflow and expansion.

During the engineering and CAD phase, we take all of the approved concepts and put them onto paper to form the facilities and technical documents required to properly build the AV systems and infrastructure. Understanding how components are integrated and work as a singular, fluid system is what we do best. Our product knowledge allows us to integrate each individual component to a design in an optimal and efficient manner.

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